Combined Ash J & Pokahontas bring a high-frequency sound and high energy performance to the stage. This duo is the fusion of two distinct artists and styles. Ash J & Pokahontas melodically provide a body-high like experience with their presence and performances every time.

In the summer of 2014, Ash J & Pokahontas met at Icehouse Studios - home studio to Raekwon from the Wu Tang Clan. Pokahontas sang for Ash J, a veteran independent hip hop producer and PR exec. He told her to sing, she did, and their collaborations began. When they noticed people’s reactions to their music, they decided to move to Philadelphia to develop and explore their musical chemistry. While in Philadelphia, the two worked closely to craft their sound, and they did performances at Legendary Dobbs, World Live Cafe, the Tusk, and Bourbon and Branch.


In October 2016, Ash J released his single, 'All Money Minded', to all streaming platforms. In November 2016, Pokahontas released her first single, 'Africa'. The duo followed up these solo releases with the collaborative 'Baddie' in December 2016. During these releases, both artists maintained their dedication to the studio and continued to hone in on the sound.


In January 2017, they were the headline performers in Cincinnati as part of an underground, hip-hop showcase. They returned to Philadelphia to perform at 'World Live Cafe'. After this performance,  Ash J & Pokahontas held an after-show kickback in their downtown loft studio, where they played their recorded jam sessions for a group of international friends. Their reaction spurred a spontaneous recording session which led to the creation of new songs and a new found focus on international venues.


In February 2017, Ash J & Pokahontas performed at the 'Rents Due' artist showcase in Philadelphia held by some of the industries leading tour directors. In that same week they returned to Bourbon & Branch and sold out their artist showcase 'Carnegie + Friends at Bourbon and Branch' in Philadelphia. At the end of the month, they released their uplifting anthem, 'Always Knew'.

In April 2017, Ash J & Pokahontas performed on the 'Who Loves Your City Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio,' in support of mayoral candidate, Yvette Simpson. Following this string of performances, Ash J & Pokahontas went back to the studio to create new music for their collaborative project, 'Lust for the Dream', to be released Fall 2017.






ash j & pokahontas ready to gate crash the world stage.


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